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My Advice to New Teachers

By Terri Pantuso, Secondary ELAR, Preservice Teachers, Cypress, TX:   For new teachers, the best piece of advice I have is never to be afraid to admit that you don't know all the answers. It's okay to allow your students to see you struggle with some of...

Making Meaning: Reflections on NCTE 2016

By Katie Wheeler, 7th grade¬†English Teacher, Cheyenne, WY:   A BBQ sandwich wrapper and empty beer can sit on the desk of my hotel room. It is my last night in Atlanta and the evening before I return home from the annual National Council of Teachers of...

Embracing Social Justice

By Monica Soulsby, Preservice High School English Teacher, Grand Ridge, IL:   As a student teacher, I have already had the privilege of working as an educator in multiple settings. Through this experience, I have learned that as a teacher and as a person I am more...

Language & Cultural Exposure

By Sherri Williams,¬†English, Grades 6-12:   I grew up in an urban environment; I'd never been outside of the city until I was in my preteens/early teens. Thus, I was quite ignorant about the rest of the world, particularly country and farming life. My family had little...